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The Ultimate Guide to Period Care Kits

The Ultimate Guide to Period Care Kits

What Are Period Care Kits?

Period care kits, also known as period starter kits or emergency period kits, are a collection of items designed to help people manage their menstrual cycles comfortably and hygienically.

Whether you're preparing a kit for a young person experiencing their first period, an emergency kit for unpredictable cycles, or a travel kit for on-the-go convenience, having a well-stocked period care kit will ensure you are prepared, no matter when or where your period starts.


    What to Include in a Period Care Kit

    A comprehensive period care kit should include a variety of items. Makeup bags can be repurposed as period care bags and We recommend selecting a bag with a zip closure to ensure items stay secure,

    You may like to create two kits; one being your "at-home kit" which may be larger and more comprehensive, and the other being a smaller more portable "emergency period kit" that you keep in your handbag or school satchel.

    Here’s a list of items to consider for your period care kit:

    • Menstrual Products: Your choice of period care products which may include;
      - Pads: Different sizes and absorbencies for day and night use. These may be disposable or reusable cloth pads.
      - Tampons: Various sizes, with or without applicators.
      - Period Underwear: Absorbent, leak-proof period underwear.
      - Menstrual Sponges: Reusable or disposable absorbent sponges.
      - Menstrual Cups or Discs: An eco-friendly, reusable menstrual cup or menstrual disc.
      - Panty Liners: For light days or backup protection.
    • Wipes: Unscented, gentle wipes for quick clean-ups.
    • Hand Sanitiser: For maintaining hygiene when soap and water aren’t available.
    • Disposable Bags: For discreetly disposing of disposable menstrual products if a bin is not available in the toilet cubical.
    • Zip-lock or Wet Bag: For taking home used period underwear, cloth pads or soiled underwear.
    • Tissues: For general use or in case no toilet paper is available.
    • Spare Underwear: A spare pair of underwear in case of leaks.
    • Pain Relief Medication: Over-the-counter pain medications like ibuprofen or paracetamol for cramps.
    • Heat Pack or TENS Machines: A TENS machine, microwavable heat pack or battery-operated heated belly wrap is ideal for relieving menstrual cramps. Alternately, disposable adhesive heating pads can be purchased from many pharmacies and are small enough to fit in portable emergency kits.
    • Tracking Tools: A period tracker app or a small calendar to monitor cycle patterns.


    Period Starter Kit for Teens

    For a young person experiencing their first period, a period starter kit can contain not only the essentials above but also include some extra educational and comforting items including:

    • Educational Booklet: Detailed guide about menstruation, how to use the products, and what to expect. A few resources include;
      Puberty Booklet by the WA Department of Health
      Body Talk by Family Planning NSW
      - Our Everything You Need To Know About Getting Your Period blog
    • Notebook or Journal: For tracking their cycle and noting any questions or concerns.
    • Encouraging Note: A personalised message to offer support and reassurance.
    • Self Care: A pamper items such as a face mask sheet, lip balm, roll-on body oil or bath salts is a good reminder to take time out and take care of yourself during your period.  
    • Snack: A small snack or treat.


      Whether you’re preparing a kit for yourself, or a loved one, a well-prepared period care kit can be a lifesaver, providing peace of mind and ensuring comfort and hygiene during menstruation.