SOCHGREEN Period Underwear - Heavy Flow Pantie Pad Inserts (Set of 2)



Soch Pad Inserts are made for use with Soch Heavy Period Underwear and held in place under the 2 bands in the underwear.

Removable cloth pad inserts can be changed to suit your flow. On heavier days they can be turned over or replaced as often as required and will ensure you can use the same pair of period pants for the day. This is a convenient alternative to carrying extra pairs of period underwear with you. 

Inserts can be purchased as a booster pack in addition to the single insert that is sold with the Heavy Underwear.



Size 1: For use with size XS, S, M and L Heavy Flow Underwear

Size 2: For use with size XL or 2XL Soch Heavy Flow Underwear


Manufacture, Regulations & Certifications

Made in India 

Collections: ALL Underwear, BRAND SochGreen

Category: soch heavy

Type: Underwear

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