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Pelvic Floor

The pelvic floor muscles span between the tailbone and pubic bone.

Trainers and Exercisers
The pelvic floor muscles and weaken, leading to light bladder leakage but can be trained with targeted pelvic floor exercises. Kegel trainers or exercisers are devices offer resistance and feedback when performing exercise routines. If you need help deciding on which type of trainer to choose, read our Guide to Choosing Kegel Trainers and Exercisers

Pelvic Organ Prolapse
Pelvic organ prolapse (POP) is a medical condition where pelvic organs such as the uterus, bowel or bladder collapse or prolapse. We offer a range of prolapse sponges to assist with supporting the pelvic organs.  

Ergonomically designed dilators allow for gentle vaginal dilation for conditions such as vaginismus.


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  1. CALEXOTICS Dr. Laura Berman Dilator Set (4 Sizes + Sleeve)
  2. CALEXOTICS Inspire Silicone Dilator Set (5 Pack)
  3. CALEXOTICS Kegel Training Set (5 Pack)
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  4. CALEXOTICS She-ology Advanced Wearable Dilator Set (3 Sizes)
  5. CALEXOTICS She-ology Interchangeable Weighted Kegel Set (6 Pack)
  6. CALEXOTICS She-ology Wearable Dilator Set (5 Sizes)
  7. DOC JOHNSON Kegel Training Set in a Bag (3 Pack)
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  8. ELVIE Smart Kegel Pelvic Floor Exerciser & Tracker (App Controlled)
  9. FIFTY SHADES OF GREY Inner Goddess Silver Jiggle Balls
  10. INTIMINA KegelSmart 2 Rechargeable Pelvic Trainer
  11. INTIMINA KegelSmart Intelligent Pelvic Trainer
  12. INTIMINA Laselle Weighted Exerciser Kegel Balls (28g)
  13. INTIMINA Laselle Weighted Exerciser Kegel Balls (38g)
  14. INTIMINA Laselle Weighted Exerciser Kegel Balls (48g)
  15. INTIMINA Laselle Weighted Exerciser Kegel Balls (Set of 3)
  16. JADE & PEARL Reusable Pink Pearls Prolapse Sponge - Large
  17. JADE & PEARL Reusable Pink Pearls Prolapse Sponge - Small
  18. JADE & PEARL Sea Pearl Reusable Prolapse Sponge or Menstrual Sponge - XL + Firm (2 Pack)
  19. LELO Beads Weighted Kegel Ball Set (Set of 4)
  20. LELO Beads Weighted Kegel Ball Set - Mini (Set of 4)
  21. LELO Luna Beads Noir (Set of 2)
  22. LELO Weighted Kegel Ball Beads Plus Set (Set of 6)
  23. LUXE O Weighted Kegel Balls (3 Pack)
  24. NIYA N1 Kegel Massager
  25. OVO L1A Petite Love Ball - Pink
  26. PELVI Fit Pelvic Floor Kegel Trainer (App Controlled)
  27. PELVI MEDIballs Kegel Ball - Single
  28. PELVI MEDIballs Kegel Balls - Double
  29. PILLOW TALK Duo Kegel Balls - Pink (2 Pack)
    Sold Out
  30. PIPEDREAM Fantasy Kegel Trainer Set (3 Pack)
  31. PLAYFUL Diamonds Weighted Kegel Eggs Training Set (6 Pack)
  32. PRECIOUS GEMS Yoni Egg - Black Obsidian
  33. PRECIOUS GEMS Yoni Egg - Dalmation (Large only)
  34. PRECIOUS GEMS Yoni Egg - Green Aventurine
  35. PRECIOUS GEMS Yoni Egg - Rose Quartz
  36. PRECIOUS GEMS Yoni Egg - Tigers Eye
  37. PRECIOUS GEMS Yoni Egg Set - Black Obsidian (Set of 3)
  38. PRECIOUS GEMS Yoni Egg Set - Green Aventurine (Set of 3)
  39. PRECIOUS GEMS Yoni Egg Set - Rose Quartz (Set of 3)
  40. SATISFYER Kegel Training Set Power Balls (3 Pack)