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SAALT Steam Steriliser for Menstrual Cups & Discs - Arctic White

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Sterilise your cup or disc at the touch of a button!

Quickly and conveniently sanitise your cup or disc without the hassle of boiling. Just add clean water, click the start button and your menstrual cup or disc is clean within minutes!

  • Sanitises menstrual cups and disc
  • Effective - steam sterilisation is as effective as boiling, without the hassle.
  • Eliminates bacteria and harmful microorganisms
  • Elegant design
  • Disinfects in only a few minutes
  • Made in USA
  • USA power plug included (you will need an adapter)
  • Instruction guide included

Please note this sanitiser comes with a 120V USA power plug and you will require a power point adapter to use it in Australia or New Zealand.



Run the steamer for one full cycle before first use.

  1. Plug in the steriliser.
  2. Remove the steamer lid.
  3. Pour about 1 teaspoon of tap water into the centre basin of the steamer to the max fill line.
  4. Thoroughly wash your cup or disc and place it on the steamer platform with the rim side facing down.
  5. Replace the lid and press the top of the lid to start steaming (pressing the bottom of the button will stop the steamer).
  6. The LED indicator will light up to indicate it is running.  
  7. The steamer will turn off automatically when it has completed (3-4 minutes)
  8. Leave the steamer untouched for another 3-4 minutes to ensure the steamer is cool to touch
  9. Lift the lid and remove your cup or disc. 
  10. Ensure your cup or disc is completely cool before use or storing
  11. Unplug the steriliser
  12. Pour any remaining water that has condensed inside the steamer down the sink
  13. Leave the lid off to allow the steriliser to completely air dry before storing


  • The steriliser surface will get very hot during use.
  • Do not touch or handle the steriliser during operation.
  • Stay a safe distance away from the release vent at the back of the steamer lid to prevent burns.
  • Always wait 3-4 minutes after the steriliser has completed before opening the steriliser
  • Unplug the steriliser when it's not in use.
  • This device is only intended for use with menstrual cups and discs and should not be used to sterilise other items 


Made in USA.