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TOM ORGANIC The Period Menstrual Cup - Size 1 Regular

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The TOM Organic Period Cup gives you a conscious period care option for your health and for the planet.

Available in two sizes, the Period Cup is designed with unique finger indents to help with insertion and removal and comes with its own handy portable steriliser case. The steriliser case doubles as a storage case, or you can store the cup in the cotton pouch provided.

  • Made from medical-grade silicone
  • Free from plastics, BPA, rubber and latex
  • Australian-made and owned
  • Wear for up to 8 hours
  • Cup has finger indents to help with insertion and removal
  • Unique internal rib system to help with removal
  • Comes with its own portable microwave sterilising case and a cotton storage pouch
  • Available in 2 sizes
  • Lasts up to 5 years (recommended to replace annually)


The TOM Organic menstrual cup steriliser case is made from medical-grade plastic and has been independently tested to ensure it meets health and safety standards. It kills 99.9% of bacteria commonly found on a menstrual cup. 

To use, simply fill the steriliser case with water , place the cup inside and microwave for 60 seconds (1000W microwave). 


Size 1 (Regular): recommended for users aged 30 years and under, and mostly for those who have not given birth. Suitable for a light to medium flow and holds the equivalent of 2 regular tampons (22ml).

Size 2 (Super): recommended for users aged 30 years and over, or for those who have given birth vaginally or by C-section. Suitable for a heavier flow and holds the equivalent of 3 regular or 2 super tampons (30ml).



Total length

excluding stem (mm

Capacity to 
holes (ml)
Size 1 (Regular) 41.25 64 44 22
Size 2 (Super) 45.8 70 50 30


Seek medical advice from your medical practitioner if you have any health concerns. 

Always read the manufacturer's label and use only as directed.


Designed and made in Australia.