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Wombat Bamboo Soap Holder Dish

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  • $5.00
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This bamboo soap dish is designed to keep your plastic-free soap, shampoo, conditioner and dishwashing bars secure and dry in between uses, so you can say goodbye to soggy bars!

  • No more soggy soap bars
  • Perfect for the kitchen, bathroom or laundry
  • Made from natural bamboo with grip pads on the bottom
  • Slotted design drains liquid away from your soap
  • Measures 12cm x 8cm


    To prolong the life of your Wombat Bamboo Soap Dish, keep it as dry as possible and store it out of overly wet areas like showers.

    Spray the soap dish with vinegar and leave in a sunny position for a day if you notice mildew or mould spots developing.