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The Best Menstrual Cups for a Low Cervix

The Best Menstrual Cups for a Low Cervix

Having a low cervix can make it tricky to use menstrual cups comfortable. Here's a complete round up of the best menstrual cups for a low cervix (featuring those all important measurements!)

If you have a low cervix, you might experience difficulty and discomfort when using many menstrual cups. This is because when you have a low cervix, you likely also have a shorter vaginal canal, meaning there is less space between your cervix and vaginal opening to fit a menstrual cup. 

It might be time to consider a shorter menstrual cup that is designed to suit a low cervix if: 

  • you find that the base of your cup is protruding outside of your body after it has been inserted as far as it will go, 
  • you need to trim the stem of your menstrual cup all the way, or 
  • the rim of your cup is pressing uncomfortably up against your cervix

Here’s a list of the best menstrual cups for a low cervix, so you can have a more comfortable period!

How do I know if I have a low cervix?

You can measure your cervix easily at home. We recommend measuring your cervix on different days during your period to get an accurate idea of where it sits - you might find your cervix is lower on the first day or two of your period and then moves higher, or vice versa. If this is the case for you, you might need to choose two different size or shape period cups to use on different days of your cycle.

To measure your cervix, simply insert your clean index finger into your vagina. If you can feel your cervix (which feels like a springy donut) close to the entrance to your vagina before your finger is inserted to the middle knuckle, this means your cervix is low.

For an even more accurate measurement, you can take note of where your finger is inserted up to, then place it alongside a ruler. Then, compare this measurement to the length of any menstrual cup to see if it will be a good fit. 

Images: JuJu

The best menstrual cups for a low cervix

JuJu Model 4

The JuJu Model 4 was purposefully designed to suit those with a low cervix or a shorter vaginal canal. It’s slightly wider than the JuJu Model 2, and measures just 50mm long (including the stem) or 40mm with the stem completely trimmed down, and holds a decent 23ml. The wide, short bulb shape also makes it a great cup for those with a weakened pelvic floor. 

Merula One Size

We love the Merula One Size menstrual cups because they’re extremely versatile and can be suitable for either a high or low cervix - all you need to do is trim the ladder stem. The rounded ‘bulb’ shape of the Merula One Size gives it a high capacity (38ml) to suit a heavier flow, yet it measures only 39mm from the rim to base. 

Merula One Size Menstrual Cup

Hello Cup - Low Cervix Model in 2 sizes

The Hello Low Cervix Menstrual Cup is the latest of the low cervix cups to hit the market. It's been designed for people who know they have a low cervix and is completely toggle-free - so there's no stem to trim off which is one less step if you know your menstrual cups tend to sit low. The base of the cups is rounded for comfort and thicker to allow for easy removal. Hello Low Cervix Cups are available in two sizes; Small/Medium which is recommended if you are under 35 years and/or fit and Large which is recommended if you are over 35 years. Like other Hello Cups it's made from TPE in New Zealand and is best suited to those that prefer a firmer low cervix cup. 



MeLuna Classic Small

The MeLuna Classic Small is a great option for those who have a light to moderate flow, or are more petite and have a low cervix - it measures just 55mm long and 38mm wide. We also love the round ring stem on MeLuna cups as it’s super smooth and comfortable, which is what you want if your cup is sitting lower down and closer to the entrance to the vagina. 


Purple Merula Menstrual Cup

Ziggy Menstrual Disc

If the classic bell-shaped cups are not your thing, why not try a menstrual disc like the Ziggy Cup? The Ziggy is has a wide, flexible rim that fits around your cervix and an ultra-thin silicone base that is suited to any cervix position. It doesn’t rely on suction to stay in place like traditional menstrual cups but rather hooks behind your pelvic bone. This is also a great option if you have a low cervix and a heavy flow, as it can hold a whopping 76ml of fluid. And an added bonus - the Ziggy Cup can also be worn during penetrative sex for mess-free period sex. Cool huh?

The Ziggy Menstrual Disc


Stamina Freedom Cup Menstrual Disc

The Freedom Cup is another flat-fit disc which tucks up above the pubic bone when inserted. It's been specially designed for people wanting to enjoy mess-free period sex. The body of the Freedom Cup comprises of a thin silicone membrane which can hardly be felt by your partner while the raised textured dots offer extra stimulation during intercourse. 

You can compare measurements and features from all the different menstrual cups and menstrual discs we stock at Period Shop by visiting our handy Menstrual Cup Comparison Chart.