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Dildos are phallic-shaped objects used to stimulate internal erogenous zones. They can have a life-like or abstract appearance and generally do not have a mechanical function such as vibrating. Dildos can be made of a variety of materials such as soft, flexible silicone or latex that is ideal for gentle thrusting, from firm materials such as stone, steel, or borosilicate glass or crystal that is perfect for targeting hot-spots which respond well to firm pressure and for cooling and warming in temperature play, or from dual density materials which have a soft outer casing covering a firm core for a realistic experience. Some dildos are double-ended with different textures or shapes on either end for a varied experience or for simultaneous use by two people, some have a suction base for attaching to surfaces and some have a broad base suitable for use with a strap-on. Dildos offer simplicity without complicated button control combinations or vibration settings and provide precise manual control.

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  1. SATISFYER Dazzling Crystal 1 Glass Dildo - Black
  2. SATISFYER Dazzling Crystal 1 Glass Dildo - Transparent
  3. SATISFYER Double Ball-R Weighted Suction Cup Dildo - Dark Blue
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  4. SATISFYER Double Ended Crystal Glass Dildo - Light Blue
  5. SATISFYER Double Ended Crystal Glass Dildo - Transparent