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Period Care

Offering the widest range of eco-friendly period care options in Australia, we're your one-stop shop for a zero-waste period. From reusable menstrual cups and discs to cloth pads and period undies. We also stock a smaller range of disposable tampons and pads all made from organic cotton. We've got you covered down under.

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  1. BEPPY Menstrual Sponge - Classic Dry (5 Pack)
  2. BEPPY Menstrual Sponge - Classic Dry Value Pack (10 Pack)
  3. BEPPY Menstrual Sponge - Wet (5 Pack)
  4. BEPPY Menstrual Sponge - Wet Value Pack (10 Pack)
  5. Boody Bamboo Underwear - Classic Bikini
  6. CANACK Menstrual Cup - Blue
  7. CANACK Menstrual Cup - Clear
  8. CANACK Menstrual Cup - Pink
  9. CANACK Menstrual Cup - Purple
  10. Classic Bell Menstrual Cup - Clear
  11. Classic Bell Menstrual Cup - Pink
  12. Classic Bell Menstrual Cup - Purple
  13. Classic Bell Menstrual Cup - Turquoise
  14. Curve Menstrual Cup - Amethyst Purple
  15. Curve Menstrual Cup - Berry Pink