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JOY DIVISION Soft Tampon Menstrual Sponges - Mini (3 Pack)

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  • $13.95
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Joy Divisions' Original Soft Tampons have been designed to be used during menstruation and intimacy, they are sting-less and discreetly absorb menstrual flow for mess-free period sex. They are made of a soft sponge that conforms to the shape of your anatomy - making them super comfortable to wear.

The sponges are hygienic and have been dermatological and clinically tested. They do not contain any harmful substances, protecting the PH balance of the vagina. Each sponge has a slotted opening that you can hook your finger behind to remove and is individually packaged in a sterile wrapper.

  • Soft tampon sponge
  • Ergonomic - comfortable to wear
  • Discreet with no sting
  • Hygienic, dermatological tested and body-safe
  • Suitable for sports, swimming and for use during intercourse
  • Easy to use pull tab
  • Measurements 4.5cm wide x 5.5cm long x  2cm high
  • Made in Germany
  • Each value pack contains 3 sponges individually wrapped sponges

    Warnings & Precautions

    Always use instructions before use.

    Intended for single use only and must not be reused.

    These sponges are NOT a contraceptive and will not protect against STIs and pregnancy.

    Sponges should not be worn for more than 8 hours.

    Made of medical-grade polyurethane foam